Bromobutyl Reliance Impramer B 2247

Bromobutyl rubber is a derivative of butyl rubber produced by its bromination. Bromobutyl rubber is similar to Chlorobutyl rubber in structure and properties however it has higher reactivity therefore offering highly versatile curing system. It can be used in applications requiring gas impermeability, high heat, weather and chemical resistance. Impramer 2247 is offered as white to light amber color bale and has 0.93 as typical specific gravity.

Manufacturer: Reliance

Industry: Rubber

Common Uses:

  • Agricultural Films Pipes & Hoses
  • Automotive Tires
  • Medical & Pharma Packaging Caps & Closures


  • Mooney Viscosity -ML(1+8)@125C (MU): 41.0-51.0

  • Bromine(%): 1.6-2.0

  • Volatile Matter(%): <=0.7

  • Non-staining Antioxidant(%): >=0.05

  • Ash Content(%): <=0.7



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