Hydrocarbon Resin C5/C9 Henghe HH2-1003

C5/C9 is a thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin obtained from polymerizing unsaturated aliphatic olefins/diolefins and aromatic olefins derived from the process of thermal cracking of naphtha. Henghe HH2-1003 exhibits good good heat resistance, compatibility with base polymers, and solubility is various solvents.

Manufacturer: Henghe

Industry: Adhesive

Common Uses:

  • HMA
  • Packaging Adhesives


  • Colour Gardner: 10.5-11.2

  • Softening Point ( C) : 95-105

  • Acid Value(mgKOH/g): <=0.3

  • Melt Viscosity(200C mPa.s): 98