Hydrocarbon Resin C5 Resin Eneos T-REZ RA100

C5 resin is a type of thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin derived from the polymerization of aliphatic hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. It falls under the category of tackifying resins and is widely used in various industrial applications. T-REZ RA100 is a non-hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin. It is designed to tackify a variety of adhesive polymers including natural rubber, SIS, SBS, EVA, metallocene polyolefin elastomer, APP, APAO, polyisoprene, polyisobutylene and butyl rubber.

Manufacturer: Eneos

Industry: Rubber

Common Uses:

  • Tire
  • Rubber compounds


  • Colour Gardner: <=9.0

  • Softening Point ( C) : 95.0-105.0

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