PBR Reliance Cisamer 01

Polybutadiene rubber is a synthetic rubber derived from the polymerization of butadiene, a hydrocarbon compound. It is known for its excellent elasticity and low-temperature properties, making it a popular choice in various industrial and consumer applications.Cisamer 01 a solution polymerised high cis PBR produced using JSR technology (Nickle catalyst based). It is an international quality product, with high cis content, has high elasticity and is resistant to dynamic stress, thus ensuring longer product durability. It exhibits low rolling resistance, better abrasion resistance.

Manufacturer: Reliance

Industry: Rubber

Common Uses:

  • Tyre Treads
  • Tyre Carcass
  • Tyre Sidewalls
  • Under Treads
  • Cycle Tyre
  • Conveyors Belts
  • Sportswear
  • Golf Balls
  • Automotive Components
  • Shoe Heels & Soles


  • Unmassed Mooney Viscosity -ML(1+4)@100C (MU): 45.0

  • Volatile Matter(%): 0.4

  • Ash Content(%): 0.08

  • Cis-content(%): 96.5

  • Tensile Strength(MPa): 16.0

  • Modulus @300%(Mpa): 9.5

  • Elongation at break(%): 465

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