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Ink, a substance both mundane and profound, emerges as the conduit through which human thought and creativity find tangible expression. This liquid or semi-liquid elixir, composed of pigments or dyes suspended within a solvent or vehicle, possesses the transformative power to transcribe ideas onto diverse surfaces, be it the humble parchment, modern paper, resilient fabric, or even versatile plastic. In the pantheon of inks, one encounters a diverse array of formulations—printer inks for precision replication, ballpoint pen inks for everyday writing, and the sublime hues of artist’s ink for the painter’s canvas. The invention of printing ink stands as a watershed moment in human history, catalysing the dissemination of knowledge, culture, and communication on an unprecedented scale. Thus, ink occupies a hallowed place in the annals of publishing, artistry, and everyday correspondence, encapsulating the essence of human expression.

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