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Rubber, hailed as one of the most versatile and resilient materials known to humanity, has achieved ubiquity across a multitude of industries. Derived from natural sources such as the milky latex of rubber trees or synthesised through intricate chemical processes, this elastic wonder possesses a gamut of distinctive attributes. Its inherent flexibility, remarkable resilience, and commendable resistance to abrasion and impact render rubber indispensable across a staggering array of applications. From the relentless demands of automotive tires to the comfort and protection offered by footwear, from the hermetic seals safeguarding industrial machinery to the pliant hoses conducting essential fluids, rubber’s omnipresence is a testament to its multifaceted utility. Its ability to dissipate shocks and vibrations, thereby mitigating wear and tear, is pivotal in the automotive and construction sectors, while its exceptional non-slip characteristics make it the material of choice for an array of applications, from flooring to adhesive formulations.

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